kelsey talis | Lead DESIGNEr

Multi-talented, published and eminently creative designer focused on design ingenuity, brand marketing and client relations. Experienced in residential, commercial and graphic design with strengths in marketing and social media. Disciplined in written and verbal communication, performing under deadlines, project management and team collaboration. Proficient in constructing lasting client relationships, exceeding expectations, budget maximization and turning design visions into reality. Motivated by creativity and inspired by the multitude of experiences involved in the vast field of design.

Kelsey has always demonstrated an intrinsic curiosity for the way the world of design functions. This began with her passion and education in interior architecture + design, branched out further with her interest in construction + project management, and has since continued to broaden with her experience in the fields of graphic design, marketing and digital media management. This constant desire to enhance her skill set and increase her knowledge base has allowed Kelsey to view projects from various relevant perspectives and has greatly augmented her design dexterity.

After 5-years in the field of high-end residential design in Naples, FL. Kelsey relocated to Wilmington, NC and accepted a position with a local residential builder as director of digital media, marketing + design in early 2018. She focused on their visual marketing presence while implementing a new and updated track for the company’s publicized future. Being a small business with much success due to each employee’s ability to ‘wear several hats,’ Kelsey was also able to utilize her vast interior design talent in the architectural planning phase of each cottage build, as well as outfitting the interiors of model homes, and assisting clients in the final phase of their home build.

“The most creative person I know” - Frank Lloyd Wright

“You think I’m funny - wait ‘till you meet this girl” - Will Ferrell

“One of this generation’s most brilliant minds” - Michelangelo

“Hands down my favorite grandchild” - Nana


In mid-2019, Talis made the initial leap towards a dream she has had for several years with the soft launch of ‘talisquo design.’ With this company, Talis is the owner and lead designer and looks forward to getting back to interior design, design/build, consulting, and anything design related that she can be of assistance with.


Kelsey is and always will be 'a creative.' She loves her work as a designer - and with that talent comes the natural knack for originative projects. In 2016, Talis launched her own venture, ‘talisquo home’ - your go-to for cards, prints, illustrations, signs, jewelry, and all-things-custom. She enjoys working on freelance ventures ranging from furniture design/build, interior design, graphic design, crafting, original artwork, sketching & hand drawings, clothing design, etc. be sure to check out her shop on Etsy